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16. Mai. 2021 | SPAM

Irgendwer aus China möchte etwas von mir:

  Good day!


We are a printing manufacturer in China, focusing on Printing for more than 20 years. 90% of our customers come from China's foreign trade enterprises and personal Soho.


They don't have factory equipment. When they receive orders, they outsource them to us for production.

if you gave They $7, but They gave us less than $1.

Because we don't know English, and we don't know how to market, most of the profits belong to the professionals in foreign trade.


Because of the impact of this year's epidemic, our boss wants to find global high-quality enterprise customers by himself.

Whether you are small batch production or wholesale customization, we can support unconditionally. We can provide you with better service at favorable price.


please reply to us email.

best regards

Ganz witzig bei dieser E-Mail, die Absenderadresse: jamesjgrasser |at| trashymail [dot] com. Direkt mal als Trash-Müll-Mail geoutet. Wunderbar! Ansosten ist man irgendein Hersteller aus China und druckt was und man wird zu gering bezahlt, was natürlich wirklich leider ein Problem ist (!) und man soll auf jeden Fall auf diese E-Mail NICHT antworten!