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[Dein Name]

16. Mai. 2021 | SPAM

[Dein Name] steht im Betreff. Dein Nickname, Dein Vorname, oder was auch immer der Spammer meint, was Dein Name ist. Könnte von einem ur-alt Account irgendwo stammen, der geleakt bzw. gehackt worden ist. Das kommt immer mal wieder vor, vor allem auf alten Seiten, bei denen Du gar nicht weisst, dass Du dich da mal angemeldet hattest. Die E-Mail sieht dann mal so aus:

Hi, this account is now hacked! Modify your password immediately! You do not know me me and you are most probably wanting to know for what reason you are reading this electronic message, right? I'm ahacker who openedyour email boxand digital devicessome time ago. You should not make an attempt to contact me or try to find me, it's not possible, since I sent you this message from YOUR own hacked account. I have created malware software on the adult vids (porno) site and suppose you watched this site to have some fun (you realize what I want to say). During you were paying attention to movies, your browser began to act like a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger that gave me access to your desktop and network camera. Afterward, my applicationgotall information. You have put passwords on the web services you visited, and I already caught all of them. Of course, you'll be able to change each of them, or have already modified them. However it does not matter, my program updates needed data regularly. And what I have done? I generated a backup of your system. Of each file and contact lists. I formed a dual-screen record. The 1st part displays the film that you were observing (you've got the perfect preferences, ha-ha...), the second screen presents the tape from your webcam. What actually do you have to do? Clearly, I believe, 1000 USD will be a good amount of money for this very little riddle. You will do the deposit by bitcoins (if you don't know this, try to find “how to buy bitcoin” in Google). My bitcoin wallet address: [Hier stand ein Bitcoin-Code] (It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it). Important: You will have only 2 days to make the payment. (I have an unique pixel to this letter, and at this moment I know that you have read through this email). To trackthe reading of a letterand the actionsinside it, I utilizea Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (That whichcan be usedfor the authorities may also helpus.) In the event I do not get bitcoins, I'll undoubtedly give your video to all your contacts, such as relatives, co-workers, and many more?

Was soll das? Naja, der Absender möchte Geld von Dir! Genauer gesagt 1.000 US-Dollar in Bitcoins. Dafür sollst Du aber noch selbst googeln, wie das funktioniert. Leider erklärt der Absender nicht, wie man denn nun diese Bitcoins überweist. Gerade Leute, die das Wort der Kryptowährung noch nie gehört haben, werden enttäuscht sein. Ansonsten lautet der Sinn der E-Mail kurz geschrieben folgerndermaßen: Blabla, ich habe deinen Account gehackt, blabla, ich kenne alle deine Kontakte, blabla, du brauchst gar nicht erst deine Passwörter ändern, blabla, wenn du nicht innerhalb von zwei Tagen zahlst, schicke ich an alle das, was du gemacht hast.

Doch, was habe ich getan? Waaaaaas habe ich getaaaaaan? Wie immer: Nix überweisen oder gar darauf antworten!